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Robert Paskoff

Lynbrook, NY
  • Robert Paskoff in the photo 1

Ran 4.5 miles this morning and feeling great. I have also hiked 9 miles with my wife this summer and can enjoy walking into town for a haircut with my 15 Y/O son again. Last year at this time I would not have been able to even think of doing all of the above. I have been a runner and wanted to be able to run again so I sought out a hip procedure that could get me back there. Traditional hip replacement advises against running so I looked into hip resurfacing and found Dr Su. Most doctors would not do a hip resurfacing on a patient with a history of Legge Perthes disease but Dr. Su felt he could do it. My hip is a complicated one. When the day of surgery arrived I was in total trust of Dr. Su and his team. Had the surgery and took my first steps with the PT in recovery. My wife immediately noticed I was standing straighter. I felt great. Discharged home the next day and have felt better everyday since. Because my surgery was done in February, I started walking at the mall a week later, went back to the gym after 2 weeks, and started running again after 6 months. I will never forget a day on my vacation with my wife on Martha's Vineyard where we walked and ran in the morning and then hiked 9 miles in the afternoon. Thank you Doctor Su. Oh, by the way, the food was even good at HSS. everybody involved in my care from the nurses to the PA's to the PT's, Anesthesia, and all the aides were great. Thanks