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Robert Mountain

Greenwich, CT
  • Robert Mountain in the photo 1


I'm 76 years old. During the pandemic on a rainy day, I tripped on our back step and completely torn my left quadriceps tendon. I called the HSS team at Stamford and they saw me at ten that morning. At my appointment, Dr. Sam Taylor stated that an emergency operation was required. The next day Dr. Taylor repaired the torn tendon and I was home by 4:30 that afternoon. My prognosis was six months to a year for full recovery. I followed there recommendations for PT and thanks to Dr. Taylor and his outstanding team I was riding my Peloton ten miles plus a day by June with full motion. Lucky me to have had the professional HSS doctors take care of me and was so glad the procedure was done at their Stamford office. This is not my first repair at HSS. I previously had two successful knee replacements and my cervical spine (C2-C7) repaired. 👍