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Robert Goodwin Jr

Aberdeen, NJ

I had extreme pain in my arm and shoulder. Being a bowler, I had pain that was at sometimes unbearable and sought a few doctors for a diagnosis. I wasn't comfortable with my local doctors, even though they narrowed down my pain to my bicep. They seemed to be unsure and they varied on their opinions on how to correct it. After x-rays and MRI's, I decided to do more research, knowing that my dominant arm was a very important part of my life, I researched the Hospital For Special Surgery and Dr. Sabrina Strickland. I decided that her and the hospital's record constituted at least an appointment/diagnosis. And let me tell you, I am glad that I did. After 5 minutes in the appointment, I was confident that Dr. Strickland was at the top of her game. Her knowledge and diagnosis was precise and detailed to the point that I was ready to have my arm repaired. So, on May 11, 2015 I had the same day, Bicep Tenodesis surgery to reattach my torn bicep. Within 3 hours or so I was headed home. I wore a sling for 4 weeks and began Physical therapy only 7 days later. Around the 80 day mark, at 1 of my follow up visits, Dr. Strickland gave me the "go ahead" to begin swinging a bowling ball (of lighter weight). This went well for a bit and at the 93 day mark, I bowled my first games with my own 15lb bowling ball. I proceeded to bowl 3 games with scores of 254,252 and 235. I was back in the game and felt better than I had in years! If you have arm pain, or are unsure, I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Sabrina Strickland and the Hospital for Special surgery for your needs. They are certainly knowledgeable, the best and their bedside manor is supreme!