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Robert Entwistle

Brick, NJ
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In April 2014, I fell off our boat in a dry dock while getting it ready for boating season. I was unconscious. A 911 call by my wife brought an ambulance, which took me to a local NJ trauma hospital. I had suffered a badly shattered femur which a very incompetent orthopedist attempted to repair. I was left with a leg an inch shorter than the other, a severe limp and severe pain. I could only walk with a cane. My life as an avid skier and runner seemed to shatter with my femur.

Refusing to live with this outcome, I found Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch at HSS. Two surgeries later, I have started running again. January 23, 2016 I returned to skiing. To our amazement, it was like nothing ever happened to me. Right out of the gate, I am once again skiing top expert trails and doing it well! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Dr. Rozbruch and his staff were beyond wonderful. With HSS's world class doctors and my determination, I have my life back!!! I'm truly "Back in the Game!"

March 26, 2021:

Dear Dr. Rozbruch,

It has been about 7 years since that nightmarish time when I fell from our dry-docked boat and shattered my femur. Also, it's nearly 7 years since that magical time we found you and you helped me after a botched intermedullary rod surgery.

My wife and I have been up here in Killington, Vermont since March 1st and March 25th marks 20 (almost consecutive!) days skied, a record for me in a season. We wanted to come up here last March to do this (we are never here for this length of time) but then COVID-19 hit.

I will be 62 in June and am feeling great. I remarked to my wife the other day while skiing that I feel no different in the subject leg than my other, this is remarkable. It made me think of you and so I am writing. Thank you so much for all you do, for your expertise, and for helping me. I am doing great, it is in no small part due to you, and I am so very grateful.

Best Regards,

Robert Entwistle