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Robert Dimilia

Flemington, NJ
  • Robert Dimilia in the photo 1
  • Robert Dimilia in the photo 2

Dr. Carli is a fantastic surgeon and practitioner. Usually, when you choose a doctor, you only get the doctor. Still, at HSS, you get a super doctor and an incredible team of supporters, unlike I've ever gotten at any other hospital. Supporters include specialists from specialty doctors and support staff like physical therapists, pharmacists, and office staff, all supporting you to make your outcome positive.

Recently, I had a total right knee replacement. Unlike the usual patient, I had other issues and wasn't even sure that Dr. Carli would accept me as a patient. Other surgeons had turned me down because of five former surgeries on my spine, hips that were very much out of alignment, a knee that was very out of alignment (knock-knee), and a club foot.

After his staff reviewed my medical history, obtained x-rays, and had me examined by at least two other physicians, including a pain management specialist and a physical therapist, I met Dr. Carli. He had me turn on my iPhone recorder, and he explained my issues and what and how he intended to correct them.

It's been almost six weeks since my surgery; my new knee feels excellent, with virtually no pain. I have just completed three weeks of PT/OT in a rehab facility, with Dr. Carli's office following me every step of the way. I've been walking with a walker and will be for a few weeks more, but I am walking so much better now and can see myself getting rid of the walker soon.

This is the first time in more than ten years that I am not using a mobility scooter to walk! Thank you, Dr. Carli and your fantastic staff! Allow me to name just a few: Dr. Rim, Dr. Buchalter, Tracie Schaum, and many others who have assisted my surgery and recovery, especially your incredible office staff: Lilly and Ryan, the nursing staff, and your physician assistants and nurse practitioners!