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Robert Casale

Huntington, NY
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I had total hip replacement on 12/4/12. All went well and I was back to work pain free in 2 weeks. I am a home improvement contractor and climbing ladders and measuring roofs are what I do every day. I was back up on the house measuring roofs in 6 weeks.

On 12/4/13 exactly one year after my new hip was installed I fell of a ladder falling 12 feet landing on a driveway. My new hip pushed into my pelvis fracturing it and the cup on my new hip twisted sideways due to the impact. My left arm (humerus) was broken in half and I was airlifted to a local hospital.

In a panic and in shock I called Dr. Buly's office and Elaine put everything is action. They worked out a transfer to HSS and organized to have Dr. Helfet to have my pelvis and arm repaired.

We never would have gotten through this without HSS. 8 days in HSS and 3 months later, I was back up on the roof again. I spent the next 6 months working out my new hip, pelvis and arm and I got back in the game.

In February 2015 I got back on the slopes skiing at 50MPH and skiing the bumps through the trees.

In August 2015 I surfed the flowrider on a Royal Caribbean Cruise. I walk an average of 3 miles every day and I ride my motorcycle around 3000 miles every year. I just bought a snowmobile and I plan on skiing 20 days this coming season.

I am happy to be back in the game thanks to everyone at HSS.

Rob Casale