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Robert Angel

Reston, VA
  • Robert Angel in the photo 1

I have completed my physical therapy. At this time I measure 15 3/4 in the right knee, down from over 17, and 14 1/4 in the good knee. My range of motion today was measured at 100 degrees. I won my first competitive tennis match on indoor clay in Philly. My opponent beat me 3 times previously by hitting drop shots, but this time I was able to run them down and I picked up 335 points towards my national rankings and a finalist trophy. By raising my bike seat 2 inches I was able to ride it at the beach, which is fantastic for cardio. Five months after knee replacement and manipulation, I’m a middle states singles champion again. Dr. Hansen's skill as a surgeon is unparalleled, but the concern of your staff including your office staff and PT staff is equally excellent.

Thanks for helping continue my pursuit of my dreams.

Best always,