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Rob English

Westchester, NY
  • Rob English in the photo 1

50 years of sports, Krav Maga, etc. had led to meniscus tears and general cartilage deterioration in knee - pain 24/7, inability to do certain physical activities, and general frustration. I had 2 surgeries over 6 months - the 1st to repair the damage and the 2nd to further clean out the knee when it wasn't responding as well to PT as desired and to also inject cells harvested from my abdomen as a lubricant.

These surgeries have changed my life. I'm back to doing HIIT classes 3-4x a week and recently spent a week in Sedona hiking mountain trails at thousands of feet of elevation - most definitely could not do a year ago!

Dr. Riley Williams was empathetic, listened to what I was experiencing, and adjusted the treatment. PT John Castro remained enthusiastic and determined during the ups and down of my rehab. I could not be happier with their treatment.

Thank you for helping to get me Back in the Game!