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Riten Jaiswal

Little Neck, NY
  • Riten Jaiswal in the photo 1
  • Riten Jaiswal in the photo 2

I was referred to Dr. Demetracopoulos by another physician at HSS. At our first meeting, Dr. Demetracopoulos was very interested in helping me improve my current condition. I was in extreme pain due to my ankle joint collapsing after surgery. He recommended that I have an ankle fusion, because of my age. At the time, replacement ankle joints were not a viable solution.

Dr. Demetracopoulos preformed the ankle fusion. He was concerned that the pain I was still feeling after the fusion, and physical therapy was atypical. He thought I might have a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. He then referred me to Dr. Kramskiy.

When I met Dr. Kramskiy for the first time I was shocked at how concerned he was for my well-being. I felt very comfortable working with him because of his caring nature. He confirmed what Dr. Demetracopoulos thought. From then on I was working with both doctors to help resolve my lingering ankle pain.

I am still a patient of both doctors, and I feel that I am in the best hands. They truly are some of the best doctors that I've seen. Their staff are kind, considerate, and most of all compassionate.

Their staff returns phone calls and make dealing with my insurance a pleasure. I believe that everyone, in both offices, wants to see me get better. And they are trying their best to make it happen.