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Rita Lenda

Katonah, NY
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I first visited with Dr. Kramskiy about 10 years ago. I am from Georgia and was new to New York and really needed a pain management doctor as I suffered from major back, hip and cervical spine issues.

I had been taking oxycodone for many years, which was prescribed by my pain management and orthopedic doctor in Atlanta. I had been asking my doctors in Georgia to help me get off this medication for years but was told that if I stopped I would not be able to handle the pain. Those doctors were very wrong.

I was to the point that I did not know if it was my pain causing me to search out my prescription every 12 hours due to my pain or the need/crave for it. Finally I found the right doctor. Dr. Kramskiy was able to help me by lowering my dosage slowly.

I had a major surgery (cervical spine) and after that surgery Dr. Kramskiy helped lower my prescription over a 3-4 month period. After this, I was off all pain meds - yes, all pain meds. I may, on occasion, take one acetaminophen or anti-inflammatory, but NO prescribed pain meds.

Now I still have pain on occasion, but with Dr. K.'s help I keep it under control with Radio Frequency Ablation and injections as needed in my back. He is so kind and very understanding. He actually listens and hears me. I feel like I have my life back and don't have to worry about, "What if I run out of my oxy?" That is a horrible way to live.

His staff, Elizabeth and Rita, are also wonderful. They always respond in a timely manner and do their best to accommodate my request. And I can actually reach then by phone, which is not an easy task for most doctor offices these days. I actually live in Westchester County about one hour from HSS but I would never go anywhere else. Dr. Kramskiy you are the BEST! After over 12 years of daily pain... no more!

Thank you so much for helping me get back to enjoying and participating in the game of life.