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Rino Rotondo

Dix Hills, NY
  • Rino Rotondo in the photo 1

As an 8th grade lacrosse player, I was given the opportunity from my high school coach to play high school JV. After a very successful season, I was pulled up to play for the Varsity team during the playoffs. When I walked out onto the Varsity field for the very first time as a rising freshman, I felt so proud of myself and accomplished. All of my dedicated hard work, including training and practices, was paying off. My lacrosse career was picking up at a fast pace and I knew I had to continue my dedication to working hard and bettering myself in order to compete with the older guys. I couldn't wait to hit the field during my freshman year and start the Varsity season.

On February 18, 2017, about a month before the season began, I was playing a box lacrosse game and took a hard fall on my left ankle. My ankle started to swell up and I was hoping that it was just a bad sprain. But when I found out it was fractured and needed surgery, I felt like I ruined my whole lacrosse career and would never be the same player I was. I have so much passion for this sport, that since I picked up my first lacrosse stick at 10 years old, I knew that this would be the only sport I would want to play past my high school years and into college. Now, I felt like this injury was going to change my level of play forever. I knew that if I was ever going to have a chance to play lacrosse again, I needed the best doctor to perform my surgery.

I was recommended to Dr. David S. Levine at HSS. I was scheduled for surgery the following week. I was not only nervous about the surgery, but scared that I would never be the same player. During all of my visits to Dr. Levine's office, he always reassured me that I would be back at playing lacrosse and be even better, stronger and faster. I put all of my trust in him. I feel so blessed to have met Dr. Levine. He took his time explaining to me all about pre- and post surgery. He made sure that I understood all that I needed to know about what was going on and really cared about making me feel comfortable. He was really kind and caring.

It's been 8 months now since my surgery, and although I missed my freshman season, I'm back on the field playing fall tournaments. Dr. Levine was right. I feel stronger, better and faster now. Thank you Dr. Levine for helping me peruse my dream.