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Riley Walsh

Carle Place, NY
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My name is Riley Walsh and I am now 19 years old. My two HSS doctors are Dr. Green and Dr. Fabricant and I love them so much because they are the best and they also fixed my legs. I have Down Syndrome, which caused some problems like low muscle tone in my legs. In 2020 we were so lucky that my godmother found Dr. Green for us and he did my two MPFL reconstruction surgeries. I have been dancing since I was 4 years old and as I got older, my knees dislocated a lot and I would not be able to dance for months. So Dr. Green said not to worry because he could fix that and he did because he is so great at fixing knees. Then Dr. Fabricant, who I like to call Dr. Fabulous, because he is, did knock knee surgeries on both of my legs to straighten them so they are not crooked anymore. They are perfectly straight now. I stayed overnight at HSS for all 4 of my surgeries and all of the doctors and nurses were all so good to me and also took very good care of me. I had great physical therapists help me to make sure I could get around before I went home. One of my surgeries was a few days before Christmas and the nurses gave me candy and gifts. Another was near Halloween and I got Kit Kats from Dr. Ruby. I am back to dancing, and now also acting and dancing in my school plays. I was also able to dance all night at my prom a few months ago. This year I joined a gym where I cycle and do fitness training to keep my legs strong. I am so thankful to Dr. Fabulous and Dr. Green, also Alex and Dr. Trehan and Dr. Ruby and everyone at HSS who helped me get Back in the Game!