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Rik Albani

Jackson, NJ
  • Rik Albani in the photo 1
  • Rik Albani in the photo 2

The pain from my arthritic left hip was overtaking my life. I am a professional musician (trumpet player). The force from blowing into the horn was exacerbating my bone-on-bone hip pain. Having done the diligent search for an orthopedist, I met with Dr. Rodriguez. He has an abundance of expertise, experience, and especially humanity which enabled him to understand the challenge I was facing as a musician and physically active person.

Dr. Rodriguez is a great surgeon and person. My medical history and conditions are complicated but Dr. Rodriguez was confident, gave me a chance and replaced my very painful left hip in August 2023 when I was 76 years old. Everything went precisely as he said it would. I have always been physically active to keep my lungs and heart strong for trumpet playing, and a few months after surgery I was back to riding my bicycle 5-10 miles, walking for miles and swimming laps, all with no left hip pain. I played my horn at my post-surgery appointment to the surprise and delight of Dr. Rodriguez and team.

Dr. Rodriguez and his entire staff were excellent, helpful, skilled, professional and compassionate throughout the entire process. From one veteran to another, I could not have asked for a better experience or outcome and I could not be more grateful.

Thanks to Dr. Rodriguez, I can dwell in the land of high Cs pain-free again.