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Rick Tully

Merrick, NY

Being an ice hockey goalie for over 40 years had wreaked havoc on both of my hips, but I still wanted to continue to play. In January of 2009, I had hip resurfacing done by Dr. Geoffrey Westrich at HSS. Obviously I was concerned that this type of operation would be the end of my playing days. Dr. Westrich assured me that it would not. He was right. By June of 2009, I was already back on the ice skating (though not yet playing goal). In September, I resumed playing goal and have been doing so since. People were amazed that I could still perform after having the surgery. Fast forward to April of 2012. The week after my hockey season ended, I had a full hip replacement on my other hip. Once again I have been assured by Dr. Westrich that I will be able to resume playing hockey by the fall. Dr. Westrich and the entire staff at HSS are amazing people. Since 2009, I have referred two other people to the doctor for hip replacement, and both are doing great. One of them is a teammate who had double hip surgery! If you are considering hip replacement, look no further than HSS.