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Richard Wolstenholme

New York, NY

In November 2016, a routine game of football (soccer) translated into what I now know to be an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and a bucket meniscus tear. After a few months of injury-related discomfort, foolishly ignoring my wife's salient advice and stubbornness later, I paid Dr. Nawabi a visit.

The diagnosis was not the news I had been hoping for but Dr. Nawabi and his team acted very promptly and with an underlying commitment to their duty of care. My surgery was fast-tracked given my condition and lack of mobility and before you knew it, the procedure had taken place. The stories surrounding ACL recoveries are true and I'd be foolhardy to suggest that it's been an easy road back.

What I can say with conviction and compassion for those in a similar situation is that I'd recommend Dr. Nawabi without hesitation. I was routinely provided with the updates that I sought and a realistic assessment of where I stood, what was around the corner and the positive reinforcement regarding my progress.

My level of care will not be forgotten and I owe Dr. Nawabi and his team a debt of gratitude for their medical expertise but always with an eye on the person behind the injury. I'm back running on a daily basis, I've started to venture back onto the football pitch and the higher impact activities will follow soon.

Dr. Nawabi can help you with your return to fitness story!