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Richard Traub

Long Branch, NJ
  • Richard Traub in the photo 1
  • Richard Traub in the photo 2

Dr. Westrich performed a total knee replacement on my right knee - just about a year after doing the same on my left knee. Within 2 months of the first knee I was back playing golf and in 5 months, playing baseball on a full size field. Within 3 weeks of my right knee, I was back outside on my bicycle riding multiple miles and walking about 1 mile per day. I am mostly pain-free and have zero limitations other than building my strength back. I would urge anyone with significant knee pain to not wait. Before surgery, I could not stand from a seated position without great effort. It is not nearly as painful as you have been told. Just work hard during your physical therapy afterwards. And by the way, I will be 70-years-old in a week.