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Richard Sens-Castet

Brooklyn, NY
  • Richard Sens-Castet in the photo 1

I am a native New Yorker, born and raised in the Theatre District of Manhattan. I have never owned a car and am used to walking tremendous distances on foot. I love hiking and exploring new destinations all over the world. As I reached my late 50s, I noticed that I was developing limited mobility due to severe knee pain. I reached out to Dr. Geoffery Westrich and his dedicated team who explained my options to me. I had my right knee replaced in January 2015 and in a few months was back to resuming my long walks, hikes and touring the world.

Dr. Westrich and his staff are remarkable. They are with you during every step of the process and then some. From his office support staff to his medical associates, I felt cared for and that my happiness and well being was of paramount importance. Months after the surgery, I knew that I could always call his office and receive prompt answers to any questions that I had.

I am planning the replacement of my left knee in early 2016 with confidence. This will be followed by a hiking tour of western Europe later in the year. I cannot say enough about how Dr. Westrich has made a difference in my life. I am planning to embark on a retirement full of adventure and excitement, free of knee pains.