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Richard Rosenthal

New York, NY
  • Richard Rosenthal in the photo 1

I am a 60 year man who has played full court basketball weekly my entire life. In June, I hurt my Achilles and treated it with rest at some PT. In July, it did not get better, so I saw another physician at HSS who put me on a PT regime for 3 months. After 3 months, there was no improvement, so I went to see Dr. Metzl.

Dr. Metzl felt that I was a perfect candidate for the PRP procedure where they take my own blood, spin it, and remove the platelets for infusion into the wounded area. I had the procedure done the week of Thanksgiving. After 8 weeks of healing and 3 weeks of rehab I am playing full court again - pain-free - and with no after effects.

Thank you Dr. Metzl.