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Richard Reichle

Marlton, NJ
  • Richard Reichle in the photo 1

Dr Cunningham and his staff, especially Tina, are AMAZING! After my first back surgery in Sept 2011, which was done elsewhere, I didn't improve and it was a bad experience overall. So with my wife's help, we starting looking for a second opinion. After hearing what Dr Cunningham and his team did for a co-worker of mine I called for a consult and was able to get in to see him very quickly, which was a pleasant surprise.

Never before did I have a doctor spend so much time with my wife and I explaining exactly what he saw and explaining what he thought he could do for me. Dr C is tremendous and his team is the epitome of efficient! Tina, before I was ever seen, had set aside two surgery dates for me so if surgery was the answer I wouldn't have to wait months for it. That meant a great deal to me because I was in considerable pain and they really were concerned and wanted to help me. Surgery was the last thing I expected but considering that I had two epidurals and had done months of therapy after the first surgery Dr Cunningham was certain fusion was my best option for relief.

Within a month of my first visit I had all of my pre-op tests done and even took a class on what to expect before and after surgery. Dr Cunningham did the fusion and four days later I was home!! Now I am recovering slowly but surely and it is so comforting to know that if I have a question or concern help is just an email or phone call away they are taking such good care of me!!! It is worth the 200 mile round trip we undertake every time I have an appointment. I feel very fortunate to have been pointed in Dr Cunningham's direction. They make you feel as if you are their only patient, which is very rare these days I hope I never need their services again but I would not consider ever going anywhere else!! THANK YOU!!!