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Richard Rainey

Westport, CT

I had competed in a number of marathons, including several Boston Marathons, but was struggling with severe pain in my left knee. It was to the point that I could no longer run at all. I saw a local orthopedic doctor who recommended surgery. On the table in the operating room, I began to doubt the wisdom of surgery and so walked out without having the procedure. A colleague suggested I give Dr. Metzl a call. After looking at my MRI, Dr. Metzl told me that getting up off of the operating table was the "smartest decision I had ever made." I did not need surgery, he said, I needed strength. So began a slow but deliberate journey to health, which included a PRP injection in the left knee along the way. That journey has involved a compete change in my approach to fitness where strength and mobility are at the core. Not only have I returned to running, I have started competing in triathlons finishing on the podium in my age group and completing 2 Ironman 70.3s, and most recently a full Ironman at Lake Placid. Dr. Metzl is indeed the injury whisperer and I am grateful I found him.