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Richard Pinsky

New York, NY
  • Richard Pinsky in the photo 1

In 1993, because of a congenital condition with symptoms then presenting at age 45, I needed bilateral total hip replacement. I went to HSS. Back then, hip replacements wore out in 15 to 20 years, and I needed each revised those years later. I went to HSS again. Then, last October at age 72, I fell off a bike slamming my hip into a sidewalk curb and splitting my femur from the top to a long way down. I needed total hip replacement again on that side. I went to HSS. Dr. Elizabeth Gausden performed miracles. Shortly before my bike accident, I had begun taking dance lessons to counter the pain of losing my wife. Dr. Gausden’s surgery on a hip now being revised for the third time was perfect. I am back to dancing and feeling no different than I did before my accident. Dr. Gausden has given me back my life. Thank you HSS for Dr. Gausden, and thank you, Dr. Gausden, for your special talents, your wizardry, and for giving me back my life. I am Back in the Game.