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Richard Mayer

Waltham, MA
  • Richard Mayer in the photo 1
  • Richard Mayer in the photo 2
  • Richard Mayer in the photo 3

My name is Rich Mayer and I was a patient of Dr. Joshua Dines for a right shoulder injury about 8 years ago that resulted from multiple dislocations and subluxations. He performed arthroscopic surgery to repair my shoulder capsule and torn labrum and then helped me through the rehab process. I am happy to report that my shoulder has been doing great ever since. In fact, it is probably in better shape than my left shoulder is now in both mobility and stability. I should probably work on fixing that...

After reflecting on how far I have come since then, I just wanted to leave a heartfelt thank you because Dr. Dines truly gave me back my ability to do what I love, which is playing sports and competing. I saw a couple of doctors before Dr. Dines and none of them gave me much hope for my future as far as sports went, but after speaking with him about it, he gave me that hope back. After surgery I have been able to go back to playing competitive soccer, basketball, and golf , among others. I even felt comfortable enough to start pushing myself even harder with CrossFit training and improving my overall health and well-being. I am now able to compete all around in CrossFit events and look forward to seeing where that takes me.

I figured I would include a couple of pictures just to show how far my shoulder has come as they are from a recent CrossFit competition that I took part in. I hope that everything continues to go well for Dr. Dines and all of HSS and I just wanted to again sincerely thank Dr. Dines for all the help he gave me throughout surgery and recovery.