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Richard Markx

Novato, CA

My right hip pain had been getting worse and worse, and I finally had an x-ray taken in CA by a local orthopedist who told me I definitely needed a total hip replacement. Having lived in NY most of my life I knew I wanted to have the surgery at HSS. I called an old acquaintance, a shoulder specialist, for a referral. I had not spoken to him in 20 years and left a message with his office staff. He called me back and without any hesitation told me the only doctor he would recommend was Dr. Jose Rodriguez! I immediately called his office and his practice manager Evelyn was Superwoman, getting me in for pre-op visits and the surgery in 3 weeks. By the time my wife and I flew to NY for the surgery I needed a wheelchair to get through airports, up to the hotel and to HSS the morning of the surgery. As soon as I woke up in recovery I knew the surgery went well. NO MORE PAIN!! It is now 7 weeks post-op and I feel like a new person!! My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rodriguez, his staff and all the HSS employees who I was fortunate to have come in contact with. Many many thanks!