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Richard Lewis

Westfield, NJ
  • Richard Lewis in the photo 1

On June 27, 2013 I had surgery on my broken foot at a hospital in New Jersey. I was an obese (280 pound), out of control 20 year diabetic with blood sugars in the high 200's, an A1c of over 9, neuropathy of both feet. I was on 90 units of insulin/day, had stage 4 kidney failure with Charcot foot, protruding bone, dead skin, and was in danger of a foot amputation.

In the summer of 2013, I had a second opinion consultation with Dr. Matthew Roberts. Working with Dr. Sheldon Lin of Overlook Hospital in Summit, NJ they came up with a shared plan using suggestions from each other to go from external fixator to cast and then to a C.R.O.W. boot.

My wife devised a very strict diet of 1250 calories per day with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners ever. My foot healed, my health improved, I am walking in normal shoes with orthotic inserts. I am off insulin, my weight is 190 (lost 85 pounds). My last A1c was 5.8. My kidney numbers improved. I feel like I beat this Charcot thing. I have been told you don't beat Charcot but you are stable. I am grateful to Dr. Lin, Dr. Matthews, and my wife who all helped me on my 27 month journey to recovery.

Richard Lewis