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Richard del Bello

Westport, CT
  • Richard del Bello in the photo 1

I had a long standing immobility in my left shoulder that was ultimately diagnosed as a torn rotator cuff. I lived with the pain and lack of mobility for 10 years, until I met Dr Hannafin. She made me realize it was only going to get worse and recovery would be more difficult, as I got older.

Dr. Hannafin performed the surgery on Nov 4, 2014. Two days after surgery, I was able to attend an important event for a charity that was very significant to my wife and I. Two weeks later I was back to work and most of my regular routine, and 2 months later I was able to pick up my 2 year old granddaughter.

But most impressive for me was that in March, Dr. Hannafin gave me the OK for zip-lining 2.5 miles through the rain forest in Costa Rica! I was terrified, but it was the thrill of a lifetime.

Thank you Dr. Hannafin!