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Renee Wernicki

Tewksbury Twp, NJ
  • Renee Wernicki in the photo 1
  • Renee Wernicki in the photo 2

After years of being misdiagnosed and trying to find the source of my back/hip pain, I finally made an appointment at HSS. My very first appointment at HSS was on June 2021. Within one hour, my x-rays were evaluated and it was determined I was facing a bilateral hip replacement. I had spent almost five years in pain traveling from place to place searching for help, and within one hour at HSS I had an answer.

Dr. Alejandro Gonzalez Della Valle scheduled my surgery for July 2021 and within three weeks of my initial appointment I had both hips replaced and was finally pain-free. To say HSS works as a team is an understatement. The staff works incredibly well together and, with only the use of the portal, I never had to call the office once. The entire procedure was scheduled and both pre-op and post-op care was coordinated without having to contact anyone. My stay at the hospital was amazing and I actually had a hard time wanting to leave!

Today, I am just ten weeks post-op and I am back to riding a bike, using the elliptical, weight training and have days I actually forget I had a bilateral hip replacement less than twelve weeks ago. My only advice is, if you are in pain, don't wait another day. Call.

I am truly blessed to have been treated by Dr. Della Valle and the amazing staff at HSS.