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Renee Stevens

Scranton, PA
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I was a marathon runner who was limited only by the time I allotted to run that day. I ran when I wanted to and I ran however far I wanted to run. That all changed in the spring of 2015. Something in my hip stopped me dead in my tracks and walking was a struggle.

I arrived in Dr. Ranawat's office unable to comfortably sit in a chair. I struggled to drive or walk my dog. Getting through the work day was a feat. After a number of doctor's opinions, I knew I was finally in the right place when Dr. Ranawat identified the problem- a torn labrum due to my femur being retroverted-and the solution.

I met Dr. David Wellman, who would perform the surgery with Dr. Ranawat. Together, they repaired my labrum and corrected the ante version of my femur. I stayed at HSS for 2 nights and headed home for months of PT.

Six months later, I have normal motion in my hip, I am pain free. I am in the gym six days a week. Most importantly to me I have run my first mile post op. Not long ago it felt like I wouldn't run again. But soon enough, I will be training for my next race. It is truly the to the credit of Dr. Ranawat & Dr. Wellman. I am so thankful for their knowledge, patience, and expertise.