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Renee Lerner

New York, NY
  • Renee Lerner in the photo 1

I knew that HSS was the best place to go for joint surgery. It has a great reputation for excellent surgeons and for a low rate of infection. I also got recommendations from people whose medical opinion I highly value. I have had two knee replacements in two years beginning in October 2015. The last one was in October 2017. The operations were necessary. The x-rays showed no space between the bones and the pain was bad.

The recovery from both operations was fast. Within 6 months, I was on the tennis court again playing my favorite game and walking up and down the subway stairs. It was truly amazing. I am so pleased with the results and very glad I had the operations so I could walk and play without pain. I am very grateful to Dr. Jerabek, who did an incredible job. It was he who encouraged me to go home right after the hospital stay. And though I live alone along with Visiting Nurse Service, I managed very well. His advice, I believe, helped to advance my recovery as I was compelled to be active and thereby regained strength and flexibility very soon. The nursing staff at HSS was kind and helpful. All in all, HSS has served me well and I have only good things to say about my two experiences there.