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Renee Iselin

Brooklyn, NY
  • Renee Iselin in the photo 1

Last winter I started noticing pain in my right knee every time I needed to squat to pick something off the floor. It started worsening, especially as snowboarding season started, and got to the point where I couldn't get into a standing position on my board without strong pain.I even had trouble going up and downstairs. I was referred to Dr. Greg DiFelice at HSS who diagnosed me with synovial chondromatosis. I was a little nervous about having surgery but Dr. DiFelice explained the whole process in a way that was extremely easy to understand and put any worries I had to rest. The surgery was a breeze and 3 months out I started running and was able to squat to the floor pain-free. I'm so glad I had this done! Thanks doc!