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New York, NY
  • Rehan  in the photo 1

As an avid backpacker and sportsman, I have overused my legs for many years and I began developing calcaneal bone spurs. The spur in my dominant foot broke off during an indoor game of basketball and tore right through my Achilles. After much research, I would only accept going to the best orthopedic hospital, which happens to be in my own backyard. I would always hear about HSS in the news and I was aware that they also treat professional players in every sport. With Dr. Scott Ellis' support and skill, I came out walking and eventually running again with no pain. Dr. Ellis repaired my Achilles tendon by an innovative FHL transfer and I agreed that compromising the flexor hallucis longus tendon to help my Achilles would be a better option as opposed to the traditional Achilles repair. It has been over 2 years and I have played many games of grueling basketball, football and tennis and I have not come across any problems. The only slight difference a decreased angle and that the Achilles usually comes out thicker after surgery, but it does not affect my performance. When I shave my face, the metal blades send a tingle to the anchor area of my Achilles, but it's definitely not painful and I can certainly live with it. I'm happy to be on my feet again and completely functional. As soon as I woke up from the anesthesia in the OR, I just had to thank Dr. Ellis and his team. I still laugh about it because the first thing I said was, "Rock on Dr. Ellis." He is simply the best and I trust him completely.

Robert Turner, known as Bob, was a great physical therapist at HSS. He has years of experience and I liked how he pushed me to the limit. I still practice the techniques today and they are quite effective. HSS Rehabilitation is also a great option because they are never crowded and they have many therapists working there with plenty of equipment.

HSS is the place to be! It's where the world comes to get back in the game!