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Rebecca King

Miami, FL

I am a professional ballet dancer with Miami City Ballet. During a rehearsal I severely sprained my ankle. The company was coming up on a long summer break, leading Dr. Kathleen Davenport to send me to Rett Talbot at HSS for my rehab. Over the course of 3 months I received dedicated and personalized care. Rett made it his utmost priority to get me back to dancing in time for my season to start in August. He rigorously trained me to challenge my physicality, increase my strength, and prevent further injury. I am now back to dancing and the therapy team at Miami City Ballet, Polestar Pilates, is thrilled with my progress. Everyone at HSS was always so kind and helpful to me. They made my recovery process a positive one, encouraging me everyday. I will be forever grateful to Rett and the whole team at HSS in Jupiter, FL. I am thrilled to be back on my feet.