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Raymond Channell

Boonton, NJ
  • Raymond Channell in the photo 1

The following is a note I sent to Dr. David Helfet regarding my surgery in January 2020:

impressive. I had suffered a fall on an icy driveway in January 2019. I saw a local orthopedist in New Jersey and was diagnosed with a detached tendon in the front of my hip. I recovered slowly until six months later in August I began to experience pain and restricted range of motion in the hip. My NJ orthopedist seemed alarmed and puzzled at what he saw in the imaging. I decided then to seek out Dr. Moley for a consultation. I had seen him earlier for my chronically painful back and he has successfully kept me away from surgery. Dr. Moley recognized my problem and quickly got me an appointment to see Dr. Kelly, which led me to you - my lucky day! You were nonplussed by what you saw, confident in a course of action, and performed a successful surgery. And now, a calendar year later, I am doing fine. I have been diligent in my 3 times a week physical therapy, both for the hip recovery and for this chronic back pain.  

I'll turn 68 next month and I have my active life back thanks to your knowledge, skill and kind care. I have seen Dr. Moley once or twice since my surgery, and each time he speaks of you with reverence to the aspiring students accompanying him. I feel honored to have been seen by a doctor with the reputation of Dr. Kelly and operated on by a surgeon with your lofty accomplishments. I will always be grateful for your caring, professional staff and the doctors and fellows associated with my case - Ethan, Jane and for all the wonderful staff that cared for me during my stay.

I'm the luckiest guy in the world. Thank you Dr. Helfet, and to all at HSS.

Best regards, 

Ray Channell