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Raymond Bowles

Farmingdale, NY
  • Elbow Injury/Condition
  • Raymond Bowles in the photo 1
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I have been a student of the Martial Arts since age 13 and have spent my past 10 years training at the Martial Arts Institute. The past decade of persistence and hard work culminated with my Black Belt test this past April. During the rigorous training leading up to my test, an old injury to my hip began to impede my performance. The progressive pain and limitation led me to a consult with Dr. James Wyss.

His special expertise in evaluating and treating hip injuries helped me to accomplish my goal of completing my testing and earning my Black Belt. With his medical support and continued hard work, I passed my fighting test in December and my 3 hour test to earn my Black Belt in April.

This was by far the most difficult and physically demanding challenge I had ever experienced in my 50 years. The pain and limitations of the hip would have prevented this if it were not for the care and guidance of Dr. Wyss. He was a tremendous help throughout the entire training period which was essentially a full-time job. Thank you Dr. Wyss!