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Raphael Kellman, M.D


I am a medical doctor so I am in a good position to know who is a truly good doctor. I had lower back pain, muscle stiffness and neurological symptoms for a number of years. I tried every type of therapy but the problem was too extensive. The MRI showed every type of pathology. All the surgeons said the surgery couldn't be done minimally invasively. I found Dr. Qureshi by nothing short of divine guidance. He is one of ten surgeons across the country that is able to do such extensive pathology minimally invasively without cutting muscle. The surgery was 100 percent successful. The results were miraculous. I have no pain or disability. With a rod and ten screws in my back I can exercise as if I never had a problem. I am so indebted to to Dr. Qureshi - I could never fully express my gratitude. He is also a kind and humble man. I am evidence of Dr. Qureshi's greatness.