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Rafael Aparicio

Darien, CT
  • Rafael Aparicio in the photo 1

First, the way I found out about the Limb Lengthening procedure was a miracle. I wasn't supposed to be in NYC, but in Greenwich, CT to see a doctor for my daughter's back condition, but a last minute change of plans grudgingly brought me to NYC, only to walk by a door with a sign that read "Limb Lengthening"...

I had had an inch and a half leg length difference for 40 years. I had given up hope that my leg would ever be "fixed". For years, doctors would tell me that there's nothing that could be done to straighten my femur and lengthen my leg...until I walked into Dr. Fragomen's office. "We fix that!" said the young lady at the window, and she gave me an appointment for the next week. Unbelievable, I thought.

After an series of unimaginable, miraculous events, I had my surgery in June of 2014. This year I completed my first 2 triathlon events, and a half marathon...so grateful! I'm now 55 and I thought I would have to stop running before the surgery because my back was starting to hurt. What a difference and joy to run on two legs of equal length! I'm now training for my first marathon since 1988! A miracle happened to me at HSS, thanks Austin!