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Rachel Varn

Annapolis, MD
  • Rachel Varn in the photo 1

I participated in the HSS Premier Program in June 2015. As a competitive age group Ironman triathlete, as well as a Mom and Wife with numerous professional and volunteer responsibilities, my time is precious and limited. I had suffered from several overuse injuries over the past few years of competing, and knew I needed a team of experts working together to help me rehabilitate my hamstring and strengthen my body to prepare for my upcoming Ironman build. My physiatrist and the Premier team not only addressed my high hamstring tendinopathy with an aggressive rehab plan, but also addressed structural and functional strength weaknesses and provided a plan to address as well as a top-notch physical therapist local to me. I worked with Polly de Mille for metabolic testing for both run and bike, which provided me with tremendously important data to optimize my training and race efforts. My sports dietitian's performance nutrition evaluation and strategies complemented the physiological testing perfectly, making sure I understood how to fuel properly for my training. At my follow up visit in September, I was stronger, healthier, leaner and ready for my Ironman. At the race, I had a 50+ minute personal record and was the 4th overall female finisher. There is simply no other facility like HSS and the Premier Program- bringing together an unmatched "brain trust" of top experts in each discipline, who effectively communicate together and with patients to not only help you get back in the game- but to win the game! Thank you HSS!