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Rachel Finn

Wilmington, NY

I came to HSS after my first knee replacement. I was having a tough recovery with limited range of motion and excessive pain. 6 months later I learned that my implant was loose and had been recalled. Through the advice of a good friend, I frantically called the office. Right from the start, talking to Selina and Lauren on the phone, I knew I was in the right place. They were able to get me in very quickly. Dr. Cross and his PA Austin Cavelli advised a full revision. I dreaded having this procedure done experience this time was 10,000 times better than my first surgery at my local hospital. The care and pain management were top notch. I returned home and began my rehab, which went incredibly well this time! I work as a fly fishing guide in the summer and was able to resume work 3 months later- wading the slippery Ausable river. My next test came with my winter job at Whiteface mountain. I work as a ski school supervisor and Telemark instructor. I am able to ski Telemark confidently! Truthfully, a year ago I thought I might never be able to ski again. Dr Cross and his excellent team saved my life!