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Phyllis Caro

Scarsdale, NY
  • Phyllis Caro in the photo 1

For about a year I had unbearable knee pain with extreme stiffness. I was unable to go up and down stairs, get in or out of the car or walk more than a few steps. I was diagnosed with severe primary osteoarthritis, bone-on-bone in both knees. I went through cortisone shots, gel shots and physical therapy. Nothing helped. The mere thought of knee replacement surgery frightened me. However, when I met Dr. Chalmers, he put my fears to rest.

Dr. Chalmers was reassuring and patient in explaining what would happen. He answered all my questions with details that were understandable. Now 6 weeks after my surgery, he even took the time to show me my x-rays and explained what he had done.

At 6 weeks post-surgery, I can walk correctly without assistance and go up and down stairs with minimal discomfort. My range of motion is 120 degrees. It was 5 degrees pre-surgery. I am almost back to my normal way of living and enjoying my grandchildren. I owe my progress to Dr. Chalmers' wonderful skill in performing the surgery, his expert advice and guidance and the physical therapy I am continuing to do. I am looking forward to him doing a knee replacement on my left knee. Thank you, Dr. Chalmers! I have come full circle thanks to Dr. Chalmers.