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Peyton K.

New York, NY
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After living with hip pain for 10 years and seeing many specialists with little relief, I decided to see one more doctor before giving up and accepting that the pain was with me forever. I am so happy I did - Dr. McElheny and the physical therapists she sent me to (Will and Anil) changed my life! Dr. McElheny quickly diagnosed my issue during my first visit. She was so thoughtful and took the time to explain everything to me and recommended physical therapy along with a change in my footwear. After only a few months of physical therapy my pain is now almost completely gone!! I cannot say enough positive things about Will and Anil and the physical therapy I received at HSS. They were able to figure out my exact needs and developed a treatment plan and at-home program that not only worked for my body but was also so easy to incorporate into my routine. Will and Anil had excellent communication with each other and were able to build off of one another's plans to make my program even stronger. A month after my discharge from therapy I was able to do a 21 km hike with NO pain. This never would have been possible without Dr. McElheny, Will and Anil. I will forever be grateful to them for helping me live a pain-free life!!