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Peyton Ely

Wall, NJ
  • Peyton Ely in the photo 1
  • Peyton Ely in the photo 2

After more than 2 years of constant pain and swelling with no real diagnosis, we found Dr. Strickland. Within minutes and with just a look, Dr. Strickland knew exactly what the problem was. I am a competitive dancer and Dr. Strickland assured me that I would be back dancing within 9-12 months pain-free. It was the start of comp season and there was no way that I was going to have surgery then. But after my first competition in February 2018, the pain was unbearable and even though I was scared I decided to move forward with the surgery. On April 9th I had a tibial tubercle transfer (TTT), which is a pretty invasive surgery to move the patella down into the correct position. I was 6 weeks non-weight bearing, which was really hard as a dancer since I was very active and dancing 6 days a week. I was told I would not be able to dance for 9-12 months, which was really hard to swallow, but I did what I was supposed to do and with lots of hard work and dedication I was back to dancing in 4 months and just had my first competition. No pain whatsoever! I can’t thank Dr. Strickland and her whole entire team enough for everything! Simply amazing!!!