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Peter Morley

New York, NY
  • Peter Morley in the photo 1

Hospital for Special Surgery has truly been an invaluable resource to me. After being diagnosed in 2013 with Lupus, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), I began seeing Dr. Lisa Sammaritano at a friend’s recommendation. Dr. Sammaritano is sensational. She is nurturing, concerned, highly responsive, and an acknowledged researcher in SLE. Since I have been under her care, I feel that I have better ways to cope with my illness. The medications that she has prescribed for my SLE have also helped control the flares associated with SLE and she always helps me manage my overall health and its possible influence on my SLE. What I love most about Dr. Sammaritano is how she will coordinate your care with your other physicians whether they practice at HSS or not. As I have several health issues that is paramount to my successful treatment. At our very first meeting, Dr. Sammaritano explained to me that she liked to think of her and my other doctors as a team working together. And she has been true to her word! In my personal opinion, Dr. Sammaritano is an extraordinary doctor to monitor your SLE and I am grateful that she is my doctor.

In spring 2015, I had increasingly painful Bilateral Carpal Tunnel syndrome, and Dr. Sammaritano referred me to Dr. Fufa. During my initial consultation, it was clear that Dr. Fufa is an exceptional doctor. She was compassionate and understood the pain and numbness in my hands. Having consulted with hand specialists previously, Dr. Fufa was confident that Carpal Tunnel Release surgery would at the very least either stop the progression of nerve damage and/or resolve the pain. I had right-handed carpal tunnel release surgery with on 7/15/15 and immediately felt relief. At only seven weeks out I felt even better than I even could have even hoped for after the surgery in that hand with only a small micro-incision.  Dr. Fufa did an amazing job. The hand surgical unit staff at HSS is also outstanding, and they have a concierge who was so kind and thoughtful to my family, keeping them updated during my surgery. Overall, the entire experience felt less like surgery and more like a doctor’s visit. That alone was less anxiety inducing! Candice, Dr. Fufa’s Surgical Coordinator, and Dr. Fufa’s staff workers were always kind and willing to answer my questions and coordinate my care.

In addition to SLE resources, I have also utilized HSS for my spinal difficulties due to an accident I had in 2007. In August 2015, I saw Dr. Kim for a consultation on my entire spine. I have bulging discs on my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. Dr. Kim was thorough, thoughtful and conversational. It didn’t feel like he was just explaining what was going on with my entire spine, but we were discussing it. As a person who has had multiple surgeries and health issues in the last 10 years, it was comforting seeing someone who was so reassuring. I would highly recommend Dr. Kim for this reason alone, and will definitely return to him for his expertise in the future. His office manager, Ashley, is extremely kind, efficient and very responsive. It made an already wonderful experience even better.

When it comes to my SLE and orthopedic resources, Hospital for Special Surgery is the first place that always comes to mind. In fact, I have highly recommended HSS to my family and friends who in turn, have had equally incredible experiences.