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Peter Kendall

Short Hills, NJ

I share my story with overwhelming appreciation and equal pride. I have been involved in competitive sports my entire life. Today, at 62, I still participate in a number of activities—tennis, skiing and ice hockey among them. And I owe it all to HSS.

So thank you, Steve Haas, for giving me the confidence when I came to you with a gimpy right knee in 2009 that I could get back in the game. With your help and a brand new knee I did just that.

Thanks, also, to Friedrich Boettner, who told me I'd be back playing tennis within 16 weeks after total left hip replacement in 2010. He was right.

And recognition must also go to Aaron Daluiski, who with professionalism and patience promised in 2014 he could repair a degenerative right wrist, worn down over so many years of hitting first serves on the tennis court and taking slap shots on the hockey rink. Today I perform both functions pain free.

While I don't have an "action shot" to include with these viewpoints, I do have a photograph taken on the last day of February 2015 after playing three hours of pond hockey. Sometimes a smile on a patient's face says it all—the satisfaction of knowing life needn't pass you by. And that in a nutshell is how Hospital for Special Surgery came to be.