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Peter Hurley

New York, NY
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I've been an avid sailor all my life and at 53 I found that the wear and tear on my knee caught up with me. I was having trouble with day-to-day activities so had to forget about getting back in the boat which was heart-wrenching for me. I went to Dr. MacGillivray and he discovered a complex meniscus tear in my left knee. I was totally on the fence about having surgery but after speaking with him he assured me that it would be a relatively simple procedure with a quick recovery.

I've been meaning to write about this because I had surgery in November and I was hoping to race in the ILCA 7 Masters World Championship in Thailand in February. The day after surgery I was already walking around gingerly and even though they gave me crutches at the hospital I certainly didn't need them.

I spent the next few weeks getting myself back in action looking forward to getting back in the boat. I wasn't 100% in the shape I wanted to be in when I arrived in Thailand due to a lack of time in the boat. However, besides maybe a little less flexibility than I was used to the knee felt pretty much back up to speed. I was out there doing my thing in the Gulf of Thailand and ended up bringing home the bronze medal!

I wanted to send a big thanks out to Dr. MacGillivray and the incredible team at HSS for taking such good care of me and getting me back out on the water competing again. I couldn't have done it without them and the process from start to finish was smooth sailing! I can't recommend them enough to anyone going through anything like this.

It's been really great to get my confidence back in what my knee can do and I'm looking forward to the summer season back out on the water.

All the best,