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Peter de Bretteville

Hamden, CT
  • Peter de Bretteville in the photo 1

Dr Pearle and his staff, so many I cannot remember them all, were all extraordinary in caring and in clearly explaining everything. Whether it was medical or administrative everyone was extraordinary. Due to the medial meniscus my left knee was 12 degrees out of vertical meaning that walking and climbing/descending stairs was impeded and tennis was just barely possible even with a massive brace. In terms of the procedure, everything went smoothly and exactly as planned. By the afternoon after the operation I was walking, stiffly but with no pain. After six weeks of 2 or 3 therapy sessions per day (including 2 weeks of twice weekly VNS visits), I played tennis! This seems almost miraculous! While there is some stiffness, I am totally functional, walking and running without any difficulty or pain. In terms of geometry, my knee went from 12 to just 1 degree out of vertical. I am so glad that I discovered this partial knee replacement and feel so fortunate.