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Pete Romano

New York, NY
  • Pete Romano in the photo 1

This has been an interesting year with COVID-19 and how it impacted my exercise routine. I belonged to a gym and worked out 4-6x a week, a mixture of cardio (elliptical, spinning) and weights. I was sent home with a work from home schedule beginning in mid-March. I started to work out from home using dumbbells, push-up handles, and biking in Central Park. In May I began to experience pain in my left elbow that radiated down my forearm. I immediately reached out to an orthopedic surgeon I have seen over the years for back issues. He prescribed PT which I did for 3 months but did not see much improvement. I started to do research and discovered platelet-rich plasma (PRP) can be an effective treatment for tennis elbow. I did some more research on a doctor who specializes in this procedure and found Dr. Riley Williams. I met with Dr. Williams in July and he recommended I continue with PT and come back in 6 weeks. I did see Dr. Williams again, and at that point we decided to do PRP, which are three injections into the elbow over a 6 week period. Once I completed the PRP I started a new PT program at HSS with a terrific therapist, Jessica Hettler. I have been working with Jessica for 2 months and have seen dramatic improvement post-PRP and PT. I am grateful to have found Dr. Riley Williams and physical therapist Jessica Hettler. I am on the road to full recovery!