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Peggy Guiliano

Caldwell, NJ
  • Peggy Guiliano in the photo 1

The morning of my surgery I went to mass, like I do every day, but that day I was worried. My friend had had surgery at HSS and told me not to worry. She said, “When you walk into Hospital for Special Surgery, you will be surrounded by Angels.” Months before this, I had torn my rotator cuff from a fall but had been seeing a different doctor who hadn't diagnosed my condition. Thankfully, a friend told me about Dr. Gregory DiFelice and from the point I met him, everything turned around. I chose to have surgery so that I could return to being active. Baking is my passion, and I was out of commission. Dr. DiFelice was like my guardian angel. He took the best care of me and I got through the surgery with flying colors. I know people who have had this surgery usually have pain, but I truly didn’t feel pain nor did I need to take pain medicine. Thanks to Dr. DiFelice, and his amazing skill, I’ve been back in my game and my game is baking! I'm baking my scones and Irish bread every day--which is what I love and I couldn't be happier.