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Pedro Sanchez

Guatemala, Guatemala
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BEST experience! Really grateful I had the chance to go to HSS. Back home, the doctors didn't know what was wrong with my knee. At this point in time, I was trying to be competitive in Olympic weightlifting. Basically here at home, they left me in the limbo. So we decided to meet up with Dr. Ranawat. He gave a good explanation of what was going on with me. On May 8th, 2014, I got the high tibial osteotomy. Didn't know what was ahead of me. Everyone at the hospital, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful and made the recovery much easier. Long story short, got cleared to come to Guatemala. 6 weeks later, I was back in the Big Apple. I had a manipulation done due to the procedure I had done in May and was lacking mobility. Here's where I met Jessica Hettler. She made PT the best part of the day, and for that I will always be grateful. They gave the hope because here in Guatemala, they didn't know exactly what to do with me. I went to the center probably 4 hrs; two in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. They helped improve dramatically my mobility and also taught me how to do the rehab on my own.

It's been over a year now, and each month I start doing the things that make my world go around. Recently enrolled again in Jiu-jitsu. Although those weightlifting days are in the past, life has been good. I can't thank enough HSS and Dr. Anil Ranawat and his staff for the extra attention I got.

P.S. First letter I've written in English in a while lol!