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Pauline Lee-Pristin

New York, NY
  • Pauline Lee-Pristin in the photo 1

After being a very active person, I began experiencing severe hip and leg pain for about 6 months that significantly impacted my quality of life as I was not able to participate in my normal daily activities.

After some misdiagnoses by other doctors who thought my pain might have been caused by pinched nerves in my back, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Goolsby who immediately identified the cause of my pain and told me I needed a hip replacement.

When you tell your people you need hip replacement surgery, everyone has a recommendation and I was inundated with recommendations. I initially selected Dr Gausden because I wanted a woman doctor. The minute I met Dr. Gausden I knew I had made the right choice. She put my mind at ease - I had been really nervous about having surgery - and she took her time to answer all of my questions.

On the day of my surgery, Dr. Gausden called my son to give him and update and let him know the surgery went well and the timing for my release from the hospital and recovery.

I was on my feet the day of the surgery. Within a few days I was walking. The picture included is 4 days after the surgery. Today, two months after the surgery, I am back to my daily routine, independent, volunteering at God’s Love We Deliver, taking the subway (walking up and down the stairs) and taking care of my grandchildren.

I give Drs. Gausden and Goolsby my highest recommendation.