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Paulina Sardinas

Forest Hills, NY
  • Paulina Sardinas in the photo 1
  • Paulina Sardinas in the photo 2

In 2012, Paulina was diagnosed with hip dysplasia 5 hours after birth. Dr. Emily Dodwell explained the plan of attack; Paulina would wear a harness, which would keep her hip area still and we would monitor it. Dr. Dodwell's patience and detailed explanation to all our questions and fears soothed my family and myself.

Our bi-weekly x-rays and adjustments of her harness were conducted by the HSS staff with extreme professionalism and sensitivity to Paulina and us.

After two months from the day she was born,and living with a harness attached to her lower body, the x-ray showed that her hip dysplasia had been resolved!

Paulina shows no signs of having been born with hip dysplasia. It is evident in her very active life. She enjoys swimming, tennis, skiing and her favorite sport, soccer.

I know that Paulina would not have been able to do all these things, and more, if it weren't for Dr. Dodwell. We are so grateful to her, her staff and HSS for the exceptional job and commitment to helping Paulina be who she is today....and in her future.