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Paula Sikoryak

Cresskill, NJ
  • Paula Sikoryak in the photo 1

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care that Dr. Medha Barbhaiya, Dr. David Fernandez, and team have shown me throughout my medical journey since being under their care.

In 2021, I began experiencing a pain throughout my body that I had never experienced. After listening to my body, I was referred to a rheumatologist where I was then diagnosed with lupus. By December 2022, the pain reached an unimageable level. Simple tasks such as taking off my shoes or taking a shower became a source of pain, angst, and frustration. I decided to begin researching new physicians to attempt to get my life back. That is when I discovered, Dr. Medha Barbhaiya at HSS.

Dr. Barbhaiya’s dedication and perseverance in uncovering more about my illness was truly remarkable. I was incredibly discouraged from the lack of progress with other doctors, and her willingness to listen attentively, examine all possibilities, and explore different avenues gave me renewed hope.

Her expertise and meticulous approach ultimately led to a treatment plan, and I am profoundly grateful for her unwavering commitment to my well-being. She has not only provided excellent medical care but also instilled confidence and support throughout the process. Her kindness and compassion during this difficult time has meant the world to me.

When Dr. Barbhaiya went on her maternity leave, I was left in the great hands of another stellar physician, Dr. David Fernandez. Under his care, he discovered not only do I have lupus but another rare autoimmune disease, dermatomyositis. Dr. Fernandez gave me more clarity on my conditions leading to a better understanding of what I had been feeling for so long. Both doctors went out of their way to find the right medication to limit side effects.

Thanks to their expertise and dedication, I am finally on the road to recovery. Words cannot express how much I appreciate the exceptional care they have provided. They are both true assets to the medical field, and I will never forget their remarkable contribution to my health and well-being.